Go Paperless and Improve the Way You Work

FileBound eliminates the cost and hassles of managing documents by improving the way you find, share, process, and secure them.

With FileBound, you can scan all of your paper documents using your copier or dedicated scanner and save all of your digital documents like Word, Excel, or E-mails. Finding any document is as easy as a simple web search.

With FileBound, any document you need is available anytime, anywhere. You eliminate the time wasted looking for documents that are lost or are being used by someone else. Documents are always available when you need them which allows your employees to get more work done.

FileBound allows you to share work and documents without ever leaving your desk.

FileBound improves the way you manage AP, HR, Medical Records, Legal, Government Filings, and any other document dependent applications. FileBound adapts to the way you work and can be provisioned for unlimited users, accessed from the cloud, implemented using our network appliance, and supports all major mobile devices.

FileBound provides the capabilities you need to solve your process automation needs. Learn more about these capabilities by exploring our Did-You-Know Video Series.

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